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Shower of Dollars on highway

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  • A windfall awaited people of Pennsylvania (USA) when a van spilled thousands of notes along a highway.
    According to CBS, a bank courier van on Wednesday spilled more than $100,000 in cash along a Pennsylvania highway, and motorists have stopped to grab it.

    Police say that the money was blown around by the wind and was grabbed off the highway by passers by.
    According to the news report, the van driver didn’t realize the back door had opened and bags of cash were flying out. At least one bag burst open, spilling notes on the highway.

    A passing driver notified the driver; however, by the time he managed to recover only $400.
    Police are investigating the case. They said taking the money amounted to theft.
    People who have taken the money have been given a two-week grace period to return it without the fear of prosecution.


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